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1)How can i setup an accout with MPI Turbo ?

click on register its located by the sign in screen on the right hand side of the home page. Please filll out all the information and we will review it, once it has been reviewed and we confirm you are a re-seller of printable mertchandise we will approve your account.

2) Do we sell to the public ?

No we are whats called a trade printer. Our clients are advertising agency, designers and other printers, we never deal with the end user of the product. Your clients are safe in our hands we dont want there business, we want your business.

Files & Setup

1) What files do we except ?

Through our website we accept High resolution PDF files, we can also except, Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, Jpeg and Quark.. The later will have to be sent to us through ftp though not via the website. Please ensure all jobs are packaged with all the font and images if you send files via ftp. .

2) What resolution do we requite ?

Please note that the printing world is not the same as your website. When printing files you need a minimum of 300 Dpi.. if your files are less than that results may be different than you expect .

3) What colours should my files be setup as ?

When printing your files should always be CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow & Black... RGB Files will be converted auto-matically and colours will change, if this happens you assume full responsibility for the files.

4) To check the file colour

illustrator from the file menu select Document colour Mode - CMYK
Photoshop from top menu - Image - Mode - CMYK
Acrobat from top menu - Advanced - Output Preview - Show- RGB if there are no images showing up the file is cmyk.

5) What is bleed ?

When you design a job the colour of the image area must go 1/8" beyond the trim area.. this is to ensure that when the book folds or is cut you will not have any white space on the job. see image for better detail.

6) What is Type Safety ?

Paper can move on press and during the folding and cutting process, to ensure we dont trim off any important type all Type should be 1/16 to 1/8 " away from the final trim area. When running short quantities 1/16 is the normal, for large quantities over 100,000 1/8 is recomended.

7) What is overprint and how do i check for it ?

overprint is the process of 1 colour printing on top of another. see picture for detail. When you have a dieline on a job the lines of the diestrike must be set to overprint. this is to make sure the image under the dieline prints without leaving a white line

To check this in illustrator - top menu - Window - Attributes
check InDesign top menu - Window - Ouput - Attributes
In Acrobat Top menu Print Production - Output preview then click on simulate overprint


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